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One of the best beaches is Puglia: Baia di Porto Selvaggio

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Baia di Porto Selvaggio is one of the most beautiful and uncontaminated beaches in Puglia. It is part of a natural reserve that is rich in vegetation, such as pine trees, olive trees and eucalyptus trees. The beach can only be reached by walking through a pine forest.

Unlike most beaches in Puglia, Porto Selvaggio is a small pebble beach where you can lay down your towel, or you can find a spot on the many low cliffs that surround the small beach. The aquamarine water is very inviting, but it is colder than other beaches in the area as fresh water enters the bay. The rocks are ideal for snorkelling, you will be able to see plenty of fish! If you love birds, you can also spot some rare species like kestrels and hoopoes.

The only facilities at Porto Selvaggio are a portable toilet, picnic tables amongst the pines, and a basic snack stand serving sandwiches and pizza slices (summer only). The snacks are not the best so think about buying something at a local bakery before heading to the beach.

To reach Porto Selvaggio you want to park near the Villa Tafuri entrance on the SP286 road which runs north to Porto Cesareo. On Google Maps, look for “Parcheggio più vicino alla spiaggia di Porto Selvaggio” (nearest parking to Porto Selvaggio Beach). This is a private parking lot in a field that charges €5 a day and is open from 8am – 7pm in summer (hours may vary). The entrance to the park is next to the parking lot and it’s an easy 10 minutes walk.

Make sure you have your closed shoes on, get there as early as you can, and don’t forget your snorkles!