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About villa ashyana

How nice of you to take a look at our website!

My name is Monique and together with my husband, Robert, we bought Villa Ashyana in 2023. Our story is a bit different from ones you maybe heard before. Robert and I worked abroad as engineers for development projects during and after our studies in Tropical Culture Engineering. As students, we lived in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Argentina and Egypt. Later, as a family we lived and worked in an oasis in Egypt, then in the African bush in Tanzania, and then in Zimbabwe.

When our children got a little older we started looking for a place to settle. This was not so easy, because we had lived in some of the most amazing places. We finally settled in Italy! We moved to Le Marche in 2001 and have lived there since and love it.

In 2022 we went on holiday in Puglia, something a lot of Italians do as the beaches of Puglia are some of the best in Italy. We fell in love with the region and decided we would love to have a holiday home here. Luckily we found Villa Ashyana! This beautiful villa was everything we could have hoped for!